Yes, you heard it right! Wende had a baby!!!
Okay… not a real baby, but a website baby. Most of you know that Wende is our amazing designer, project manager, all-star remodeler, but she is officially official now.

You can see the new baby at…

This week, the Flippin’ Valentines are talking all about, yep, you got it right, Wende! Steve and Wende dive into…

  • Wende’s new baby, her website and all it’s glory!
  • What the website has to offer (before and after photos of projects, ideas, and more)
  • Wende’s favorite thing about her website
  • What Wende’s most excited about for her business, Boss Lady Red
  • Mrs. Valentine’s favorite renovation tip (hint: stay neutral, it’s timeless)

Leave it, Lease it, or Love it again?
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