Experience counts both in selling real estate and renovating a home. Steve and Wende bring experience in both to the table. Steve has served more than 5000 valley families and Wende has renovated more than 500 homes in over the past 5 years. Together, we make things happen most people can only imagine. 

From small projects to big projects here are a few tips for your personal renovation or if you want to learn how to flip homes.

  • Patience (Wende has enough for both of them)
  • Best places to shop in the valley (according to Steve, Wende knows how to shop
  • Time is money
  • Make a budget and then give yourself some wiggle room
  • Processes and strategies with your partners
  • Our investors believe in what we do (you might even want to be one)
  • How we impact more than 30 families with every home we “Repurpose”


Watch the video until the end to see the challenge!

Leave it, Lease it, or Love it again?
Are you on the fence? Wende and I want to compete to see whose solution works for you. Schedule your appointment today by sending an email to steve@www.valentinegroupaz.com!