Steve and Wende are jumping through walls for their clients, literally!

In this week’s Flippin’ Valentines, Steve and Wende walk through a new project, a 1950s home. Through Wende’s vision, you’ll see how she takes an older floor plan and make it new again! She loves making people fall in love with their homes again.

Wende’s 3 Tips to Make an Old, Outdated Home New Again:

  1. Create a functional kitchen
    • Regardless of the size of the kitchen, keep the triangle.
    • What’s the triangle? Wende calls it the “cooking triangle.” It’s where the stove, refrigerator, and sink make a triangle!
  2. Make the tiniest master bedroom into a beautiful master suite
    • See how Wende uses her creativity to combine two rooms to make one much more functional one!
  3. Fix corky floor plans
    • Watch Wende navigate a way to enter the bedrooms without having to walk through all of them